Nickel Alloys

VAT31V (Alloy 31V / UNS NO7032 / SAE HEV8)

Alloy for exhaust valves used in high power diesel engines. It is resistant to sulfidation, has good corrosion resistance and good mechanical strength up to 815°C.

VAT751 (Alloy 751 / SAE J775)

It is a slight modification of the INCX750 allow to increase creep resistance to 870°C. The applications are the same of the INCX750 alloy, but it especially suits diesel exhaust valves.

VAT80A (Alloy 80A / UNS N07080)

It has good creep resistance up to 760°C and, in addition to mechanical strength, it has good fatigue resistance and oxidation resistance at high temperatures. It is used for internal combustion engine valves, screws and molds used at high temperatures.


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