Villares Metals

Chemical & Petrochemical

By following the needs of this segment, which has stringent requirements and involves innovative technologies, Villares Metals offers a complete line of specialty steel aimed at the manufacture of pipes, valves, compressors, pumps, heat exchangers and flanges. These products normally use stainless steel bars and forgings made of differentiated steel types, combining high corrosion resistance and excellent processability.

Pumps: used to transfer more viscous or corrosive fluids, using special steels such as 304L316L and  duplex and superduplex.

Flanges and connections: the main feature is the diversity of environments in which they can be used. For these items, Villares Metals offers  duplex and superduplex steels, as well as nickel alloys with  high corrosion resistance.

Mechanical seals: consisting of 316L stainless steels, duplex  N4462MOD and  Alloy C276, they are used in centrifugal, submersible, vacuum and sanitary pumps, as well as in mixers, reactors, mixers, crushers and rotating equipment in general.

Valves: used at a large scale in petrochemical, oil and gas industries, using  nickel alloys or corrosion resistant special alloys.

Tubes: these items are included in equipment such as heat exchangers, high temperature fluid conductors, boilers, high pressure superheaters, oil injectors and tanks. As they withstand highly corrosive environments, they include supermartensitic,  duplex and superduplex special steels manufactured by extrusion or rolling processes.

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