Oil & Gas

Villares Metals has been committed to supply steel aimed at being used by the offshore market. Its products are used in items considered essential to oil and natural gas extraction - rings, bushings, mechanical tubing, solid and/or hollow bars made of alloy steel - used in the construction of platforms in wet Christmas trees, manifolds, wellheads or risers.

In order to satisfy the requirements of the domestic and international markets, the company is investing in increased production capacity. It is worth noting that Villares Metals steels are delivered as bars and forgings to order, in highest quality, regarding wear and impact resistance, as they work in deep water, under stringent conditions and high pressures.

Wet Christmas Tree (WCT):  large valves allowing the flow of oil and gas from the well to the surface, as well as liquid and gas injection from the surface to the well. The main steels used here are:  VB30AFOVL30FOVC140FO, F22FO,  V630 (17-4PH) and N4313FO (F6NM).

Manifold: large metal structure supported on the sea floor, connected to wet Christmas trees, pipes and risers by means of valves and other accessories. The following steels are used:  VB30AFO, N4313FO (F6NM) and  VM40FO.

Wellhead: system installed on the seabed, consisting of valves connected to the well and the production unit at the surface. The following steel is used:  VB30AFO.

Connectors: mechanical pipes in which flexible tube connectors linked to the wet Christmas tree and/or the manifold are inserted, allowing oil and gas flow. The following steel is used:  VL30BFO.


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