Rolling Mill

Rolling is a very important step during the production of steel and special alloys, since the process is able to form, with high productivity, complex shapes that are hard to obtain by others means. Beyond the shape, the hot-forming process on the rolling promotes significant improvement in the mechanical properties of the final product.

The rolling area of Villares Metals has modern equipment, consisting of reheating furnaces, roughing mills and finishing rolling mills able to manufacture round bars from 12.70 mm up to 241.30 mm, hexagonal and square bars from 17.46 mm up to 53.97 mm, flat bars with thickness of 8.00 mm up to 150.00 mm and wire rod from 5.00 mm up to 17.46 mm.

The mills are fully automated and flexible, allowing control of all manufacturing steps, making it possible to design specific thermomechanical processes for each steel or alloy, obtaining a precise shape, surface and desired microstructure.

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