Forging Shop

The hot forging is an essential process in the production of special steels and alloys. The heating and hot forming improve the segregation, the microstructure, and consequently the metallurgical and mechanical properties of each forged product. Therefore, the study and technical development of the best processing parameters in this step of production are always in focus in the activities of Villares Metals.

The Villares Metals’ Forging Shop is equipped with modern hydraulics presses of 3000 t and 5000 t, both type "push-down" and opens dies, with capacity to deform ingots weighing up to 45 t, to produce bars and blocks with sections range between 170 mm and 1800 mm reaching length up to 18 m. The presses can also upset and forge complex parts in several sections, including piercing, according to the drawing provided by the customer, reaching diameters up to 3000 mm, in the case of disks and rings. Each press has two synchronized manipulators allowing high productivity and competitive cost.

The Forging Shop has auxiliary equipment such as:

  • Modern natural gas heating furnaces with low specific consumption and loading capacity up to 115 t;
  • Loaders with handling capacity up to 18 t to speed up the loading and unloading of the furnaces, besides the fast movement of ingots, roughing and products in process until the forging presses;
  • Travel cranes and tongs up to 50 t.

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