Among the items manufactured by Villares Metals for automotive applications, valve steels and nickel-based super alloys are noteworthy; the first is used in manufacturing valves for internal combustion engines (requiring high corrosion resistance, mechanical strength, heat resistance - about 870°C - and abrasive wear) and the latter in high-performance engines.

Other steels and special alloys are also used in this industry, but to a lesser extent. Namely: special stainless steels (used to manufacture components such as injector bodies and housings used in fuel galleries), high-speed steels (used in fuel injection systems, i.e., nozzle needles, cam rings and rollers) and nickel alloys (for spark plug electrodes).

In addition, the Research and Development Center is able to develop, according to market demands, new steels and specialty alloys to meet specific industry needs.


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