Special Melting Shop

In addition to conventional steelmaking, Villares Metals also operates with special steelmaking processes, which further improve the quality of the final product. Namely:

  • VIM (Vacuum Induction Melting)

The equipment consists of a closed crucible chamber and a high performance vacuum system.
Its main advantage is the melting and casting of steels and alloys in atmospheres at very low partial pressure of oxygen and other gases. This is possible due to a high power vacuum pumping system, which is able to attain pressures as low as 10-2 mbar.
Ingots with minimal non-metallic inclusion levels can be cast as well as products with very narrow composition ranges, including low content of dissolved gases.

  • ESR (Electroslag Remelting)

These equipment are used for products with high demands for mechanical properties and isotropy, also warranting a very low level of non-metallic inclusions.

Ingots which are produced either in the VIM or in the conventional melting shop are refined through the ESR.It consists of an electro-mechanic system, in which the heat for the remelting is generated when an electric current passes through the added synthetic slag (Joule effect).

The slag has also an important refining ability, removing non-metallic inclusions when the melt drops pass through it. The system is completed by a water cooled mould, improving the solidification rate of the alloy being remelted. Therefore, all metallurgical phenomena in the ESR process lead to produced an ingot with reduced segregation level and excellent as cast microstructure.

  • VAR (Vacuum Arc Remelting)

This equipment is similar to ESR. Instead of the slag, it uses an electric arc as the heat source. Additionally it works in a closed chamber under vacuum.

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