Christmas Tree

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Christmas Tree (ANM): Villares Metals as the main raw material supplier in the segment, supplies shaped forged parts for oil rigs that amount to large valves that allow the oil and gas production flow, from the well to the surface, as well as liquid and injection from the surface to the well.
Main steels used:  VB30AFO, VL30FO, VC140FO, F22FO, V630(17-4PH) and N4313FO(F6NM).

Manifold: Another equipment that Villares Metals also supplies as raw material is the manifold which amounts to a large metallic structure, supported at the sea basin and that incorporates valves and accessories that allow a connection between the manifold and the wet oil rig, to other production systems, tubing and risers.
Main steels used:  VB30AFO, N4313FO(F6NM) and VM40FO.

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